Should You Try a Flipped Classroom Design? What Can It Achieve? A Review (Claudia Thompson, Wooster)

Claudia Thompson, Associate Professor, Psychology, The College of Wooster Contact at: All good teachers use a variety of practices and pedagogical approaches to share the content of a course, engage students, and motivate them towards self-regulated learning. In recent years the use of technology has enhanced instruction in many… Read More

CONVERSATIONS: Free Speech on Campus

On May 3, 2017, the GLCA Consortium for Teaching and Learning hosted a video-conference “Town Hall” on the topic of “Free Speech on Campuses,” an issue that has generated substantial controversy over the past few years. Taking part in the conversation were faculty from 10 GLCA campuses: Albion, Allegheny, Antioch,… Read More

Help One, Help All: Universal Design for Learning

Steve Volk, Center for Teaching Innovation and Excellence, Oberlin College (September 18, 2017). Contact: The headline immediately caught my attention: “Atmospheric scientist at Illinois is on leave after refusing to provide lecture slides to student with disabilities.” Not exactly the Kardashians or the latest scorched-earth quote from Sebastian Gorka,… Read More