Teaching Tips (Archive)

Prof. Elizabeth Trembley: Creating the Liberal Arts Environment on Line: Design Considerations

Prof. Lew Ludwig, Dept. of Mathematics, Denison University: “Test Tuesdays.” You can ask Prof. Ludwig more about his approach to tests and quizzes and the pedagogy behind it by contacting him at: ludwigl@denison.edu. For more on testing effects and retrieval practices, see “Try This” under Resources.

John Yelding, Hope College: Creating the Reciprocal Classroom

(You will find an extended (23 min.) version of this video at https://vimeo.com/202666777)


Debra Swanson, Hope College: Better Lectures







Steve Volk, Oberlin College: Responding to Good Answers








Deanne Bell, Antioch College: Increasing Student Engagement







Steve Volk, Oberlin College: Mid-term Evaluations



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