ChatGPT and Chill?

On November 10, the CTL featured a webinar on ChatGPT, “ChatGPT and Chill? AI Literacy and Next Generation Student Empowerment,” led by Dr. Jennifer Hayward (Virginia Myers Professor of English and Global Media & Digital Studies) and Caitlyn Deeter (Educational Technology Associate), both at the College of Wooster. The session was moderated by the CTL’s co-director, Lew Ludwig. You can find a recording of the session here.

Slides from Hayward and Deeter Presentation

GLCA Presentation 11-10-23

Other Resources:

Lew Ludwig’s ChatGPT Intro

Derek Bruff’s “A Bigger, Badder Clippy: Enhancing Student Learning with AI Writing Tools

Lance Eaton’s “Syllabi Policies for AI Generative Tools” – a toolkit for seeing other syllabus policies around the world!

Dr. Cynthia Alby’s “AI Prompts for Teaching: A Spellbook” – truly a spellbook for any use you can think of needing a prompt for as an

AI for Education’s “GenAI Chatbot Prompt Library for Educators” – regardless of your role, there’s a prompt example here for you!

Daniel Stanford’s “AI Tool List for Educators” – an amazing way to quickly find a good AI resource for whatever task you may be trying to

Dr. Laura Dumin’s Repository of AI Information – a great list and Laura is about to embark on their own teaching journey with AI!

Dr. Sydney Dobrin’s “AI and Writing” – recently released! You can also see his “Talking about Generative AI” Pamphlet for an AI 101

Matt Miller’s Ditch That Textbook conversations on AI – he recently went back to the classroom and is talking about how he will use it and
how it’s worked – or hasn’t – for him!

Want to hear from an AI Ethicist on the emerging global regulations on AI? Check out Ravi Dotan.

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