Teaching and Learning

For Frictionless Syllabus Access, Some Professors Bypass the College (Susan D’Agostino, Inside Higher Ed, November 11, 2022): Some professors provide students with barrier-free access to course information and materials, even when doing so requires extra work and leaves them feeling vulnerable.

Flipping a Class Helps – but Not for the Reason You’d Think (Beckie Supiano, Chronicle of Higher Education, November 10, 2022): New meta-analysis suggests flipping yields better student outcomes by increasing their exposure to the content.

Wikipedia, Once Shunned, Now Embraced in the Classroom (Susan D’Agostino, Inside Higher Ed, November 9, 2022): Professors who incorporate Wikipedia-editing assignments into coursework enhance their students’ digital literacy skills while broadening their own roles—from educating college students to educating society.

What Happened When I Made My Students Cheat (Joel Heng Hartse, Inside Higher Ed, November 9, 2022): When it was not an option for the desperate or lazy to attempt in the dark, the author argues that they were forced to confront together larger questions about the purpose of education.

Strategies for Accommodating Students with Disabilities in Higher Education (Hawa Allarakhia, Faculty Focus, November 7, 2022): Technological advancements have provided faculty tools for helping accommodate students with disabilities, but there are other strategies faculty could find useful when designing their courses.

Discussing Politics in Classrooms Is an Opportunity for Growth, Not Division (Eliza O’Neil and Jake Fay, EdSurge, November 7, 2022): Five core principles of constructive dialogue.

Student Voice

4 Things We Learned About Belonging for Students of Color (Oyin Adedoyin, Chronicle of Higher Education, November 8, 2022): College campuses are growing increasingly diverse. Here are some things that two students of color say improved their college experience.

Class of 2023 Fall Senior Survey (Will Patch, Niche, November 1, 2022): A survey of more than 20,000 high school seniors. Among the findings: diversity is the number one thing students want in a college, and a campus that values the arts continues to matter more than one that emphasizes athletics.

The State of Higher Ed

College Is a Dividing Line in Politics. Here’s What You Need to Know (Sarah Brown, Carolyn Kuimelis, and Grace Mayer, Chronicle of Higher Education, November 7, 2022): People with college degrees increasingly vote for Democrats; people who didn’t go to college increasingly vote for Republicans.

Equity and Justice in Higher Ed

Encouraging Inclusivity Without Sacrificing Ourselves (Kerstin M. Perez, Inside Higher Ed, November 11, 2022): The author argues that some tenets of inclusive teaching can undercut the career trajectories, classroom respect and mental health of instructors who are minoritized in our fields.

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