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Teaching in an Age of ‘Militant Apathy’  (Beth McMurtrie, Chronicle of Higher Education, February 15, 2023):  Immersive education offers a way to reach students.  But can it ever become the norm?

HyFlex Learning: Viable Beyond Emergencies? (Enilda Romero-Hall and Alanna Gillis, Inside Higher Ed, February 22, 2023):  During the pandemic the hybrid approach to teaching and learning was effective and kept the classroom accessible.  What are the benefits to remaining flexible?

When It Comes to Burnout, Saying ‘No’ Matters (Beth McMurtrie, Chronicle of Higher Education, February 16, 2023):  Experts discuss how student-centered teaching doesn’t mean saying “yes” to everything. 

A related article on “Saying YES” from July 2022 by a GLCA faculty member:

Leading With Yes (Aimee LaPointe Terosky and Vicki L. Baker, Inside Higher Ed, July 1, 2022):  The authors advise midcareer faculty who are overwhelmed and burned out by continually rising demands on how to successfully reframe how they say no.

Student Success

The Psychology of Student Success  (Steven Mintz, Inside Higher Ed, February 21, 2023):  Can we teach resilience, persistence and a growth mind-set? We can and we must.

Kids Aren’t All Right—but Hope Can Help (Sian Beilock, Inside Higher Ed, February 22, 2023):  Colleges have a role in cultivating hopefulness (opinion). 

Academic Success Tip: Guide Students in Constructive Dialogue  (Melissa Ezarik, Inside Higher Ed, February 22, 2023):  A University of Delaware professor shares why and how she makes dialogue about difficult-to-discuss issues a foundational skill in her classroom.So Over COVID! (Lisa Lawmaster Hess, Faculty Focus, February 20, 2023):  It’s clear that students’ needs are greater than ever.

Connecting in the Classroom and Beyond  (Beckie Supiano and Karin Fischer, The Chronicle of Higher Education, February 23, 2023):  A report on colleges seeking to raise graduation and retention rates and reshaping the student experience.


University of Texas System pauses diversity, equity and inclusion policies, saying some ‘have strayed’  (Jeremy Bauer-Wolf, Higher Ed Dive, February 23, 2023):  One of the largest universities in the US pauses its creation of new diversity, equity and inclusion policies following the lead of many other institutions in conservative states.

Inclusive Teaching

How to Make Your Teaching More Inclusive (Viji Sathy and Kelly A. Hogan, Chronicle of Higher Education, February 21, 2023):  A road map to make sure your classroom interactions and course design reach all students, not just some of them.

More on ChatGPT

‘An inflection point rather than a crisis’: ChatGPT’s implications for higher ed (Katie Pearce, John Hopkins University, February 16, 2023):  Scholars from Johns Hopkins and UPenn discuss the promising applications—and potential pitfalls.

It’s Not Just Our Students – ChatGPT Is Coming for Faculty Writing (Ben Chrisinger, The Chronicle for Higher Education, February 23, 2023):  ChatGP doesn’t just effect student work, it is beginning to move straight into faculty work/writings.

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