After the Election: When Teaching First-Year Writing Became Political

Regan Postma-Montaño, Assistant Professor of English and Spanish. May 7, 2018 Contact at: Hands shot up around the room and questions burst out: “Is there a website that tells you if information is reliable?” “How can I check for bias?” “What is the difference between paraphrasing and summarizing?” “When… Read More

Writing Past the “Good Grade”: Authorship, Empathy, and Community-Engaged Classes (Crystal Benedicks, Wabash)

Crystal Benedicks, Assistant Professor of English, Coordinator of Writing Across the Curriculum, Wabash College I’ve been teaching college composition at various levels and in various institutions, from community colleges to liberal arts colleges, for almost two decades.  I’m convinced that writing, at its best, is a communicative act rooted in… Read More