Tamara Stasik (DePauw University)

The premise of this module is that teaching multilingual students academic writing in English is not a neutral or apolitical endeavor.  Unexamined social, ideological, and linguistic assumptions about academic writing often harm both students and faculty. This creates a deficit view of multilingual writers and a false dilemma that faculty must focus on either teaching standards of academic English or valuing students’ vernacular skills and identities. The module provides inclusive excellence guidelines (see immediately below) and exercises that help faculty recognize normative practices in their curriculum, perceive multilingual writers as assets, and design transparent syllabi and transformative activities (see: Inclusive Classrooms and Student Agency Modules, below) that cultivate a positive environment for student-centered writing.

Inclusive Excellence Guidelines:
Practices for Inclusive Excellence_Salazar et al 2010 handout

Inclusive Classrooms and Student Agency Modules:
Inclusive Classrooms and Student Agency_GLCA_Stasik

Faculty Activities:
Investigating Intrapersonal Awareness
Expanding knowledge of key issues_ English Only

Faculty-Student Activities

Natives and Shibboleths
Native_Shibboleth Activity web page
Name Pronunciation
DePauw_Pronunciation Guide
Student Language Identity
The Cultural Backpack
My cultural backpack activity- A reflective teaching note – ORTESOL Journal 2017

Student Activities
Critical Reading Research Circle_Stasik_2020
Classroom Rights and Expectations
EG. Classroom Rights and Expectations
















Additional Resources

Inclusive Classroom Climate_Yale CTL
Resources List for Inclusive Classrooms and Student Agency Module

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