Using the Community of Practice Framework to Develop a More Inclusive Classroom

Olivia Aguilar, Associate Professor, McPhail Center for Environmental Studies, Denison University Contact at:   Using the Community of Practice Framework to Develop a More Inclusive Classroom I often hear faculty members talk about the stress of trying to get participation from all students or trying to figure out the… Read More

The Ancient Philosophy Teaching and Research Collaborative Initiative: Awakening The Teacher Within

Kevin Thomas Miles, Professor of Philosophy, Earlham College Contact at: The fourth paragraph of the Earlham College Mission Statement reads: “The teaching-learning process at Earlham is shaped by a view of education as a process of awakening the “teacher within,” so that our students will become lifelong learners.  Students… Read More

The CTL’s Virtual Learning Communities: Sharing Goals from Diverse Perspectives

Steve Volk, Co-Director, Consortium for Teaching and Learning, GLCA September 10, 2018 Contact at: Faculty/Staff Learning Communities have been shown to be a key means of building community around a shared desire to address a vexing issue, advance classroom practice, address immediate pedagogical challenges, or consider how to support… Read More

Changing Campus Culture One Conversation at a Time…(Drs. Lorna Hernandez Jarvis and Deirdre D. Johnston, Hope College)

Dr. Lorna Hernandez Jarvis (Professor of Psychology) and Dr. Deirdre D. Johnston (Department of Communication), Hope College We recently attended a professional conference on “Teaching Peace in the Context of Political Polarization and Partisan Divides.” During the Q & A of the plenary address, members of the audience raised questions,… Read More