Laurie McMillin, Professor and Chair of Rhetoric and Composition, Oberlin College.
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In this short, 14 minute video, Laurie McMillin offers advice on how to use simple audio commenting, (in her example, by using the voice-memo function on an iPhone), to provide feedback to students on their papers and other written work. She argues that not only is it less time consuming and more effective than traditional written comments, but you can say more, it helps both the teacher and the student differentiate between higher and lower order concerns, and your voice can convey additional information that written comments often can’t. Her video suggests methods to insure that students actually listen to the comments and notes some research carried out in the UK that supports the effectiveness of the method. And, lest you are concerned that you don’t have the technical ability to pull this off, don’t worry: if you can use a smart phone, you can handle audio commenting.

You can find the video here or watch it as embedded below:

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