Frank Hassebrock, Denison University, Director, Center for Learning and Teaching, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

Over the past decade cognitive psychologists have published numerous experimental studies of “testing effects and retrieval practice” from both laboratory and classroom contexts. Readers can examine the following articles to learn more about this experimental paradigm and the implications for applying the research to teaching in higher education:

a) Retrieval-Based Learning: Active Retrieval Promotes Meaningful Learning (Karpicke, 2012);

b) The Power of Testing memory: Basic Research and Implications for Educational Practice (Roediger & Karpicke, 2006);

c) Testing Enhances the Transfer of Learning (Carpenter, 2012)

d) Inexpensive Techniques to Improve Education: Applying Cognitive Psychology to Enhance Education (Roediger & Pyc, 2012).

An online resource from Vanderbilt’s Center for Teaching also presents an overview of research and teaching applications:Test-enhanced learning: Using retrieval practice to help students learn (Cynthia Brame & Rachel Biel).

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