How to Make Smart Choices about Tech for Your Course (Michelle D. Miller, Chronicle of Higher Education, Aug. 23, 2019): Great starting point (even though pre-COVID)

How to Give Your Students Better Feedback with Technology: Advice Guide (Holly Fiock and Heather Garcia, Chronicle of Higher Education, November 11, 2019)


Jing: A free tool for communicating withonline students. Create free recordings of your screen of up to 5-minutes and upload them direct to your free, integrated account. This workflow provides a method of answering student questions with links to personalized video explanations! Also includes an option to create annotated screenshots.

SpeakPipe: A free method of leaving online voice messages. SpeakPipe provides a user with a customized URL that you may embed into a website or LMS. When a user clicks on it, they just click a button to record a message for you. Be sure to customize your settings to require users to enter an email address and name so you always know who your messages are from (sometimes students forget these details!). Replying is as simply as clicking a button and recording. This blog post shares more!

AnswerGarden: Create a question in AnswerGarden for free. Embed the question in your course or site. Students type in their answer and it appears instantly in a word cloud. The answers that are submitted more frequently appear larger than others. Tip: One-word answers work best. Try to write questions that include the prompt, “In one word…”


How to Create a “Talking Head” Video (Lew Ludwig, Denison) [9:41]
Using Audio to Comment on Student Papers (Laurie McMillin, Oberlin)
Using Audio Feedback (Paul-Joseph Richard) [3:00]


Perusall: Social learning platform for reading and annotating
Hypothesis: Social reading, collaborative annotation


How to Create a “Talking Head” Video (Lew Ludwig, Denison) [9:41]
Flipgrid: Create a discussion Topic. Share it with your learning community. Learners record and share short videos with you and your class. (Free)
Screencast-o-matic: Web-based tool will record anything on your screen! Create videos up to 15 minutes in length that may be downloaded as high quality .mp4 files or uploaded direct to your free YouTube account — all free and no downloads!


Adobe Scan: Free mobile download allows you to scan and create OCR texts
Closed Captioning in Zoom
Clips: A free app for iOS devices that records video, auto-captions it, and enables sharing through social media and/or download and embed within your LMS.


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