Spurring Motivation to Learn (Jan Tobochnik, Kalamazoo)

Jan Tobochnik, Dow Distinguished Professor in the Natural Sciences Department of Physics, Kalamazoo College In a typical flipped classroom students are expected to watch lectures online and then class time is spent in active learning. The Physics Department at Kalamazoo College has come to the conclusion that lectures, online or… Read More

QUANTITATIVE LITERACY: Signature Assignment Dialogue

Note: This essay originated from the GLCA Rubrics for Liberal Arts Learning Workshop, March 17-18, 2017. It was written by the following: Barbara Andereck, bsandere@owu.edu , Physics and Astronomy, Ohio Wesleyan University Alice Deckert, adeckert@allegheny.edu, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Allegheny College Paul Djupe, djupe@denison.edu, Political Science, Denison University Jeremy Kirby, jkirby@albion.edu, Philosophy,… Read More