QUANTITATIVE LITERACY: Signature Assignment Dialogue

Note: This essay originated from the GLCA Rubrics for Liberal Arts Learning Workshop, March 17-18, 2017. It was written by the following: Barbara Andereck, bsandere@owu.edu , Physics and Astronomy, Ohio Wesleyan University Alice Deckert, adeckert@allegheny.edu, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Allegheny College Paul Djupe, djupe@denison.edu, Political Science, Denison University Jeremy Kirby, jkirby@albion.edu, Philosophy,… Read More

ADVICE: The Case for Early Career Conferences (Sam Cowling, Denison)

Sam Cowling, Assistant Professor, Psychology, Denison University. Contact at: cowlings@denison.edu There is no shortage of conferences. These range from sprawling national congresses and large regional association meetings to boutique research seminars. Over the course of a career, most of us will likely experience the full variety, but, for faculty at… Read More