CONVERSATIONS: Free Speech on Campus

On May 3, 2017, the GLCA Consortium for Teaching and Learning hosted a video-conference “Town Hall” on the topic of “Free Speech on Campuses,” an issue that has generated substantial controversy over the past few years. Taking part in the conversation were faculty from 10 GLCA campuses: Albion, Allegheny, Antioch,… Read More

ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: Assignment for the First Day of Classes: Define What Makes Us a Community (Steve Volk, Oberlin)

Steven Volk, Director, Center for Teaching Innovation and Excellence, Oberlin College – August 21, 2017 Contact: Late August, for those who have been on campus, has been a time of frenetic activity, particularly for those charged with insuring that the buildings and grounds, torn up by myriad summer construction… Read More