“Flipping” a Classroom

By Jeremiah Alberg, Professor, Philosophy and Religion; Director, Center for Teaching and Learning International Christian University Tokyo, Japan Definition In this essay I offer a brief report and some evaluative remarks on my own experience of a “flipped classroom.” I found the following definition of the flipped classroom on the… Read More

TED-ED and Your Head: Using Technology to Distribute Practice on Low Stakes, Generative Questions in Sensation & Perception (Nestor Matthews, Denison)

Nestor Matthews, Psychology Department and Neuroscience Program, Denison University For the full report contact Nestor Matthews at:  matthewsn@denison.edu “QUESTION: Can TED-Ed technology improve student learning and engagement?” Over the past few years I have adopted the teaching practice of flipping the classroom with video lectures. In 2013, I began requiring… Read More

CONVERSATIONS: The Flipped Classroom

Claudia Thompson’s (College of Wooster) review article on the “flipped classroom” generated four responses, each based on personal experiences of faculty who decided to “flip” their classes. Follow the links in the titles to access each article:     Creating Significant Learning Experiences for Students (Patrik Hultberg, Kalamazoo) I began… Read More

Should You Try a Flipped Classroom Design? What Can It Achieve? A Review (Claudia Thompson, Wooster)

Claudia Thompson, Associate Professor, Psychology, The College of Wooster Contact at: crt@wooster.edu All good teachers use a variety of practices and pedagogical approaches to share the content of a course, engage students, and motivate them towards self-regulated learning. In recent years the use of technology has enhanced instruction in many… Read More