The PoWEr (Polonium, Tungsten, Erbium) of Learning in Community

Joanne L. Stewart, Professor of Chemistry, Hope College, March 12, 2018 Contact at: This is not a guide for designing a community of practice—those exist (Cambridge, Kaplan, & Suter, 2005; Wenger, McDermott, & Snyder, 2002). It is, instead, a story of one community of practice, IONiC. It is being told… Read More

The CTL’s Virtual Learning Communities: Sharing Goals from Diverse Perspectives

Steve Volk, Co-Director, Consortium for Teaching and Learning, GLCA September 10, 2018 Contact at: Faculty/Staff Learning Communities have been shown to be a key means of building community around a shared desire to address a vexing issue, advance classroom practice, address immediate pedagogical challenges, or consider how to support… Read More

Situated Learning: Legitimate Peripheral Participation (Volk review of Lave and Wenger)

Jean Lave & Etienne Wenger, Situated Learning: Legitimate Peripheral Participation (New York: Cambridge University Press), 1991. Reviewed by Steven Volk, Department of History, Director of Center for Teaching Innovation and Excellence, Oberlin College More than 25 years old now, Lave and Wenger’s influential study is still a good starting point… Read More