Nate Eastman: Teaching Excellence, Errors of Ineptitude, and the Triple Bottom Line

Nate Eastman,  Associate Professor of English, Earlham College May 1, 2017 Introduction In his 2003 Lancet article “Errors: Incompetence, Ineptitude or Failure” Lionel Opie writes that “errors are of most interest when they reflect overt incompetence or ineptitude […] or… Read More

Patrik Hultberg: Instructional Design and Cognitive Load Theory

Patrik Hultberg, Coordinator of Educational Effectiveness, Associate Professor of Economics, Economics and Business, Kalamazoo College April 3, 2017 All teachers want their students to learn. Although there are many different definitions of learning, most would agree that learning implies that… Read More

Peter Rutkoff: Creating a Democratic Classroom: Project-Based Learning, Dewey, and Other Pedagogical Oddities in the Liberal Arts

Peter Rutkoff, Professor of American Studies, Kenyon College (with occasional commentary by students in italics) PART I It took more than forty years, but this time I found my way to shape a classroom culture that balanced progressive theory and… Read More

Finding our Voice in a “Post-Truth” Era

Steven Volk, Director, Center for Teaching Innovation and Excellence (Oberlin College), Co-Director GLCA Consortium for Teaching and Learning December 12, 2016 Where to begin?   Why not with a definition of “post-truth” from the Oxford dictionary: “Relating to or denoting… Read More

Taking a Scholarly Approach to Evaluating Teaching (Sarah Bunnell, Ohio Wesleyan)

ESSAY FOR ACTION Taking a Scholarly Approach to Evaluating Teaching: A Review of and Recommendations for Assessing Teaching Excellence Across the Schools of the Great Lakes Colleges Association Sarah L. Bunnell Ohio Wesleyan University Copyright 2016 Sarah L. Bunnell Note: … Read More