COLLABORATIONS: Narratives of Peace, Conflict, and Justice: Deidre Johnston (Hope College) and Dagmar Kusá (BISLA)

Deirdre Johnston (Hope College) and Dagmar Kusá (BISLA)   [NOTE: The above video is an edited version of a conversation (carried out on Zoom) between Johnston and Kusá recorded at a meeting of the GLCA/GLAA Consortium on Teaching and Learning in Ann Arbor on February 11, 2017. For a full-length… Read More

QUANTITATIVE LITERACY: Signature Assignment Dialogue

Note: This essay originated from the GLCA Rubrics for Liberal Arts Learning Workshop, March 17-18, 2017. It was written by the following: Barbara Andereck, , Physics and Astronomy, Ohio Wesleyan University Alice Deckert,, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Allegheny College Paul Djupe,, Political Science, Denison University Jeremy Kirby,, Philosophy,… Read More