Cognitive Load Theory: The Video

Patrik Hultberg (Patrik Hultberg, Coordinator of Educational Effectiveness, Associate Professor of Economics, Economics and Business, Kalamazoo College) published on Instructional Design and Cognitive Load Theory on April 3, 2017. Below you will find a more recent video on “Effective Teaching: A Constrained Optimization Problem?” that advanced ideas from the original… Read More

GLOBAL LEARNING: Assignments/Assessment for Global Learning at a Liberal Arts College

Note: This essay originated from the GLCA Rubrics for Liberal Arts Learning Workshop, March 17-18, 2017.         It was written by the following: Steve Bouma-Prediger,, Religious Studies, Hope College Laura Reeck, , French, Allegheny College Ibra Sene,, History, The College of Wooster Rashana Smith,… Read More

ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: Assignment for the First Day of Classes: Define What Makes Us a Community (Steve Volk, Oberlin)

Steven Volk, Director, Center for Teaching Innovation and Excellence, Oberlin College – August 21, 2017 Contact: Late August, for those who have been on campus, has been a time of frenetic activity, particularly for those charged with insuring that the buildings and grounds, torn up by myriad summer construction… Read More

ESSAY FOR ACTION: Teaching Excellence, Errors of Ineptitude, and the Triple Bottom Line (Nate Eastman, Earlham)

Nate Eastman,  Associate Professor of English, Earlham College May 1, 2017 Introduction In his 2003 Lancet article “Errors: Incompetence, Ineptitude or Failure” Lionel Opie writes that “errors are of most interest when they reflect overt incompetence or ineptitude […] or failure to do what should have been done.”[1]  This is… Read More