Using Alumni to Promote Student Professional Development: Classroom Videoconferencing

Brad Carter, Visiting Assistant Professor of Neuroscience, Oberlin College Contact at: August 12, 2018     Alumni are uniquely positioned to help undergraduates understand what it means to become professionals in their chosen fields. Using readily available videoconferencing software is a simple and effective way to bring alumni into… Read More

After the Election: When Teaching First-Year Writing Became Political

Regan Postma-Montaño, Assistant Professor of English and Spanish. May 7, 2018 Contact at: Hands shot up around the room and questions burst out: “Is there a website that tells you if information is reliable?” “How can I check for bias?” “What is the difference between paraphrasing and summarizing?” “When… Read More

Ancient Greek Philosophy and “Difficult Dialogues” in the 21st Century Classroom

By Lewis Meek Trelawny-Cassity, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Antioch College Contact at:   Over the past four years Adriel Trott (Wabash), Kevin Miles (Earlham), and myself have worked together on the Ancient Philosophy Teaching and Research Collaborative Initiative sponsored by the Great Lakes Colleges Association and funded by the… Read More