ESSAY FOR ACTION: Teaching Excellence, Errors of Ineptitude, and the Triple Bottom Line (Nate Eastman, Earlham)

Nate Eastman,  Associate Professor of English, Earlham College May 1, 2017 Introduction In his 2003 Lancet article “Errors: Incompetence, Ineptitude or Failure” Lionel Opie writes that “errors are of most interest when they reflect overt incompetence or ineptitude […] or failure to do what should have been done.”[1]  This is… Read More

Using Science in the Media as a Gateway to the Primary Literature (Heather Rhodes, Denison)

Heather J. Rhodes, Biology Department and Neuroscience Program, Denison University [For the full report contact Heather J. Rhodes at:] QUESTION: Can you increase students’ comprehension of scholarly articles in the sciences if their reading is paired with an article in a mainstream media outlet? Approaching journal articles and other… Read More