Carla Reyes and Linda Weaver (The College of Wooster)

The premise of this module is that writing provides an excellent training ground for entering into an academic community of practice, and that it is this business of writing mentorship that is most successful in leading multilingual writers to fulfill the critical thinking expectations professors have for students. The module provides guidelines, activities, and handouts (see below) to help faculty develop effective and transparent writing prompts, rubrics, scaffolded assignments, and feedback processes, including various reflective and developmental worksheets for students as well as questions to assess assignment purpose and construction for faculty.

Assignment Design and Scaffolding On-line Version (PPT)
Module Context-Assignment Design and Scaffolding
References and Resources

Faculty Resources
Assignment Review
Sample Semester Schedule
Sample Two-Week Schedule

Scaffolding the Writing Process
Scaffolding Workshop
Syllabus Checklist for Assignment Design
Tips, Templates, and Samples for Designing a Writing Prompts and Rubrics

Student Activities
Sample Scaffolded Writing Activities
Disciplinary Writing Discovery
Paragraph Analysis Knowledge Display and Transformation
Prompt Analysis
Student Reflective Assignment
Writing Styles Questionnaire


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