Mapping the Megalopolis: A GLCA/GLAA Consortium on Teaching & Learning Webinar

This week we feature a recording of a webinar hosted by the GLCA/GLAA Consortium for Teaching and Learning on March 21, 2018.  The hour-long session, “Mapping the Megalopolis: Order and Disorder in Mexico City,” featured the collaboration of Glen David Kuecker, Professor of History, and Alejandro Puga, Associate Professor and Chair of Modern Languages, at DePauw University with colleagues from a number of other GLCA institutions. The hour-long session describes the origins of their GLCA-supported project and the process of engaging a dozen scholars to collaborate in a multi-faceted exploration of Mexico City that incorporated the humanities, arts, and social sciences.  Kuecker and Puga’s project culminated in a book of the same title, published in December 2017 by Lexington Books. You can access the video recording of the webinar here.


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